Head Space at Edge Hill University

Hey everyone! When it comes to the time we can all go back to university and continue with our courses, it always a good thing to find a place you can chill out and take your mind off things. I found these places very calming any time I needed to take a break from assignments or reading and I hope you get to enjoy them as well!

  1. Ruff Woods

This is not really on the campus of Edge Hill but it very close. Literally across a road and your’re there. I find a lot of comfort in woods and being surrounded by things that aren’t buildings. My friends and I would walk around here and take A LOT of photos which is always really fun and comforting.

2. Running Track

A very snowy version of the track around the running track right next to the sports centre. I always walk around this track when I am at the library for a long period of time and need a break to clear my head of all the reading and articles. It can be very calming to do this every now and again and to even bring coffee and earphones to really chill out and restart your brain!

3. Top Floor (The Catalyst)

The silent study is pretty much the only place I can really get into the zone and not get stressed out with any noise. I have been there early enough to see the sunrise and late enough to see the sunset (a result of a very, very, very long day)and the view you have from the top floor makes you forget all your worries for a small time.

I hope that some people found this useful and hopefully you can use these places when we can come back to Edge Hill!

“Brilliant things happen in calm minds. Be calm. You’re brilliant.”


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