Learning new skills for your future!

Hey everyone, since lockdown is still a thing (slightly less so now but still stay safe), I thought I would share some of the things I have been learning to improve some skills and learn new ones!

About a month into lockdown, I decided that I wanted to be more creative and ‘artsy’ as I have never been able to actually stick to anything that includes arts and crafts.I started to make my own scrapbook of my years in university so far and I was really surprised with how it turned out.

It gave me a lot of ideas of what kinds of art lessons I could be teaching in school when I eventually complete my third placement and definitely restored my faith in the fact that everyone can do some form of art!

I have also been using the website Skillshare to improve and learn some new skills which has really kept me busy over this time. One class that I love taking is creative writing classes as you can do so much with them and be as creative with words as you can. In primary school, I always loved creative writing and it is something I want to do more of with my own class as I think it is such an important skill for children to have from a young age.

I managed to get a two month free trial for Skillshare which was such a blessing but I would 100% invest in paying for this monthly as it can introduce you to so many skills that will benefit you in the future and the course you are studying! There are so many classes you can take from photography to business management and even some cooking classes which always come in very handy!

Taking the time to develop skills you already have is a great way to spend your lockdown (if you want to) and also a great way to keep the mind working. I really have tried to use this global pandemic to work on things that would help me in my final year of university and is why I have loved learning new skills and developing skills I already had.

“Without sharpening your weapon; standing on the battlefield would not increase your chance of winning.”

Ankit Sahay

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