Accommodation Prep: Bedroom

Exterior of Palatine Court.

I wish I knew more about the accommodation that Edge Hill offered before going to University. It was mainly just simple things like: how much storage do I have? What do I need to bring? How many people are in a flat? etc. When I got my accommodation, I was given Palatine Court, Pankhurst as my halls, so I do apologise as my pictures will be from that accommodation. But if you have questions about any others, either follow the link down below or drop me a question in the comment section.


Mini-fridge in a wardrobe in Palatine Court.

You get a lot of storage in Edge Hill’s accommodation. Most of the accommodation blocks will supply a wardrobe, draws under a desk, shelving and under-bed storage. The under-bed storage is perfect for those of you who overpack. Trust me, a lot of you will, but this is something you will learn from in the future. The wardrobe is spacious and has a few shelves inside for extra space. This is useful if you don’t bring hangers or don’t have enough. For a little extra, I know that in Palatine’s accommodation, we were also equipped with a small mini fridge inside of the wardrobe.

What do I bring?

I’m going to do a bit more of a breakdown in a separate blog for what you need to bring, but here are a few essentials.

  1. Bedding: Try to bring a thick enough duvet and 2 pillows. You can add accessories to your bed later.
  2. Clothing: I know in my first year I packed so many clothes but honestly, you won’t need many. Just some basics and then then some going out outfits will do.
  3. Fairy-lights/Lamp: Not many people think about bringing a lamp, but I found it was quite useful. Fairy-lights are almost an essential for quite a lot of people, but it’s totally fine if you don’t bring any.
  4. ID: For any nights out or getting drinks, you will need your ID. Although you will have your Uni ID, most places still require proof of age.
  5. Pictures: This is for those of you who like to look back on memories. Plus they are a nice touch to your room.
  6. Games Console: Just something to do when you have a bit of free time.
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