Essential Primary Education Books!

Hey everyone! I thought that I would share some of the educational books I use for the majority of my assignments and classes for Primary Education at Edge Hill University!

How Children Learn – Sean Macblain

I use this book for almost all of my subjects and assignments as it contains a lot information about educational theories that you can apply to all your assignments. The information in the book is brief but is a great starting point for information and just to learn the theories is come depth.

Primary Science: Knowledge and Understanding – Peacock et al

I really like the layout of this book as it very easy to read and the information is straight to the point. I used this book a lot in first year as we had to read and answer some questions from a chapter each week.

Teaching the Primary Foundation Subjects – Maggie Webster and Sarah Misra

I use this book for my foundation subject assignments especially when looking for the benefits of teaching the foundation subjects in primary education. The layout of the books is very easy to read and has some really nice ideas to teach music, history and geography etc.

Primary English for Trainee Teachers – David Waugh

This book is more suited to English but can be read for other subjects like APD. I like this book because it has a lot of definitions that are useful to learn for teaching primary English and information on verbs etc to jog your memory.

Mathematics Explained for Primary Teacher – Haylock and Manning

Again, as this is a mathematics books I use this for my maths assignments and classes. For someone who very much struggled with mathematics I found this book very useful for explaining the misconceptions in maths and how to overcome them!

I hope that you found this useful! You can find these books on Amazon which was where mine were bought but you also do not have to buy these books as they will be available in the library and online! I found it useful having my own copies so that I could highlight etc so if you are also like this maybe look into second hand books which you can also find on Amazon.

Thanks for reading, Lauren x

“She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.”

Annie Dillard

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