My First Year of University in Recap: Non-Academics

So, in three weeks time my first year at University will be done. This year has given me a lot of opportunities and I can only wonder what my final three months could have been like. After all, the first six months were fantastic! In this blog, I’ll talk all about the non-academic side of my first year.

Forming Friendships

The first few friends I made were coursemates and some flatmates. They will likely be your first friends too. I made some great friends attending a few societies on the free evenings I had, but I made a lot of friends in employment.


Our University offers paid opportunities for students to represent the University at events. I always enjoyed helping out on Open Days at school/college, so the money was an added bonus. I knew some people from societies who worked as a student representative, so I went to the training day with them. They introduced me to their friends who also worked as representatives, and from there, friendships formed! Everyone is friendly, and it’s a fantastic way to meet people from different years and courses. The staff in charge are lovely as well, and I enjoyed working alongside them.
Being a student representative is a rewarding job in which I’ve made some great friends I would have never otherwise met.

Trying New Things

I wanted to go to shows, but they’re expensive and I never saw the point in karaoke as I can’t sing. However at University, there’s no excuse to miss out on these things! There are free shows all throughout the week. With weekly karaoke being a minute’s walk away, sometimes you just need to ask yourself, “why not?” Even in my flat, I learnt new skills, such as cooking (most of the time I was too ambitious, but the result was edible, no matter how it looked…)

Closing Words

In my first year, I have made some great friends, learnt life skills, and took part in things I would never have done if I studied at home! My advice for anyone going into First Year is, when faced with an opportunity, to ask yourself “why not?”, not “why?” You never know who you might meet or what you might learn!


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