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So many of you may have had the idea to come to Edge Hill for an open day in June. Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment but, you can attend a virtual event instead. This is taking place between Monday 15th June to Friday 19th June. You can book an open day visiting this link:

Open Day booking for Edge Hill University.

For the upcoming virtual open day for Edge Hill, these are some of the best spots to have a look into.

The Hub

hub Archives - Inside Edge

The Hub will probably be one of the main spots on campus you attend everyday. Its a great spot to hang out with friends. There is a convenient shop, Starbucks and a cafe where you can get hot food.

The Catalyst

Catalyst - How to find us

This is an amazing building that you have to take advantage of when you are at Edge Hill. This is a Library which also holds a cafe and the Catalyst help desk. It is a perfect space for studying and writing essay’s.

Your Subject Building

Depending on your subject, you will be based in one building with the majority of your studies. It’s a good idea to take a look at this space so you know how the floor system works.

Sports Centre

Edge Hill Sport - Edge Hill Sport

The Sports Centre is an amazing space. You can have fun doing different classes, going to the gym or, taking a swim in the pool. There’s also a track and field, so if you’re the type of person to go for a run, its the perfect space to do it.

Accommodation Blocks

It’s important to see where you’d be living or like to live before you come to University. On campus, there’s loads of options accommodating to your preferences. For me, this was quite an important part into my decision, especially as I’m living four hours away from home.

I hope that you have found this useful. Remember to book your place!

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