What’s it Like to Study at Home After Living at University?

Due to recent events I have moved home. I was sad to say goodbye to the campus and my room but I told myself I would remain focused on my studies. While I have, I have struggled studying at home. In this blog, I’ll explain my thoughts towards studying at home.

My Workspace

I have a small room, so my desk space is limited. I studied with a laptop, open folders, and paper all on the same desk at University. At home, I don’t have the space for it! Luckily I type up all my notes so I don’t have much use for my folders right now.

Online Lessons

Our tutors set us work we need to research and discuss as a group. I actually enjoy this as I feel independent and more motivated to work at home! I enjoy having a small class size for that reason; we can all contribute and learn together in lectures.

I won’t lie – at first, it did feel awkward on video call. I hate hearing my voice and knowing my class can see my bedroom feels strange. However I adjusted really quickly!


A big part of University is the people you meet, not just the lessons. It’s difficult knowing I could be seeing my friends daily, and now I’ve not seen them for two months. However calling friends and keeping in contact helps me! To effectively study, you need to look after yourself. One way to do this is to socialise, as socialising is key to good mental health!

Closing Words

Personally, I feel like studying at home is different than studying at home for GCSEs and A Levels. However, by feeling in control of my studying and keeping in touch with friends, I feel like I am handling lockdown better than I thought I would. I also know that, if I struggle, I can ask my personal academic tutor and study support for help.

In a few weeks, I’ll have my final exam and while I’m sad I won’t be able to see my friends afterwards, I am looking forward to next year!


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