What I Love About My Primary Education Course!

Hey everyone, in the spirit of Thank a Teacher Day, I thought I would share what I love most about my Primary Education course at Edge Hill University!

When I first started my degree at Edge Hill University in September 2018, like a lot of people I didn’t really know anyone in my course which is daunting for any student. My first couple of classes really made the difference for me as they provided a lot of opportunity for me to talk to other students in my seminar classes which was nerve wracking at the start but I soon began to get to know everyone’s names and what interests they had. 

Throughout the whole year seminar classes and lectures were kept very interactive with loads of opportunities to talk to the people around you and discuss experiences you have had in terms of teaching. My favourite classes were, and still are, science as there was always a practical element to it and you were guaranteed a good, fulfilling lesson. I loved how all my seminars followed the same structure!

I am really grateful for the opportunities that my course offers in terms of professional practice and how supportive the staff are when organising placements. In my first year, I was placed in a really lovely school about 45 minutes from the campus and a taxi was provided for me and the other trainees throughout the duration of the placement. In my second year, I thought I was going to be staying in England for my placement but when I felt it would be better for me to go home to Northern Ireland, I spoke to my year lead and she helped me so much to get something organised so that I could complete my second placement at home which I will be forever grateful for!

I hope that you enjoyed this brief post about what I love about my Primary Education course at Edge Hill University and I hope that you have the same amazing experiences on this course as I have!

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.”

-Author Unknown-

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