My mission to read over the summer.

First year is well and truly over for me now, last assignments are in, grades are coming back, I haven’t opened Blackboard for a little while now for anything other than checking said grades. I’m in my summer, whatever summer social distancing can offer, and have begun to think about goals, what do I want to achieve?

It’s something I don’t talk about often but I’m very bad at reading, I’ll start a new book, get a quarter way in, maybe half if I’m lucky, then put it down, not to be touched again. While I write this I’m imagining the Woody’s nightmare Toy Story clip. Humour aside, I’m bad at reading. My last victim was a memoir by Carole Radziwill called What Remains, I was gripped by it but found myself just not having the willpower to finish it. As I write this it’s sat in my bedside table, taunting me.

Not my copy of What Remains, but it’s in a similar condition.

So, my goal this summer, getting back on topic. My goal without a doubt is to read more, to finish books I have purchase. To do this, I’m considering alternative methods, first one being that I’ve stolen the family iPad to turn it into my new kindle. Following my acquisition, I also bought an eBook from Amazon to get stuck into, and so far, I’m about 100 pages or so in. Theft of the iPad aside, I’m so far succeeding in reading this book.

A big part of what I need to figure out is, what I enjoy reading. So far, I’m loving The Gatekeeper by Kate Fall, it’s a political read so be warned. Next up I really want to read Dune before the movie releases this Christmas (The day before my birthday for anyone interested).

A fanmade Dune poster – Sadly the official one isn’t out yet.

However, I feel drawn back to asking a key question; why am I so interested in reading more? To simply put it, I really want to improve these skills, so they’ll assist me better in second year. My summer is set to be long, I don’t have much lined up, so I certainly have the time to complete this goal, hopefully also turning it into an aspect of my lifestyle.

I’m sure my summer goals will alter and expand more as time goes on, and I intend to document them as much as I can in my journey to prepare for second year.


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