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For many of you, you have now been accepted into Universities that you have chosen. This will include one of three offers: Unconditional, Conditional and Unsuccessful. These offers will mainly be made by post, unless stated otherwise in your application. And keep on the lookout in your track progress on your UCAS portal for any information.

Conditional Offer

A conditional offer states that a place has been confirmed for yourself. You must meet the conditions that the University is offering for you. Most likely, it will be to meet specific grades within your A-Levels or BTEC. This will be implied through grading criteria or through a point system, where you obtain so many UCAS points.

Sometimes these conditional offers can get changed into unconditional offers if you firmly accept the University. For example, if you put that University as your top choice. But this will be clearly states in the letter they post to you.

Unconditional Offer

Unconditional offers from universities hit record | Financial Times

These are offers that state that you have already met the criteria and you have a place at the University. It is important to still check the conditions as you may need other checks. For example, if you’re doing a teaching degree, you may need a DBS check.

If you do accept the unconditional offer, remember that you are committing to that University, and can’t make an insurance choice.

Unsuccessful Offer

This means that unfortunately you haven’t received an offer from the University. Sometimes they will give a reason as to why they didn’t accept you. However, you can contact them to see if they will discuss the reason with you.

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