My Module Choices – Preparing for 2nd year.

My first year is in full wrap up mode with only one assignment left to finish, which leaves me beginning to cast my mind towards year two. A few weeks ago, I made my module options, and today I plan to discuss them a little more to explain the process, but also give insight to what I’ll be studying.

In the Business School we received a handbook of sorts on all the different modules available to us, their codes (Bus2###) and a little summary. The handbook however was designed to be a teaser for us to then do our own research on Blackboard. Made available to us were the module handbooks for each module, detailing assessment briefs, delivery schedules, and other important pieces of information. Overall, the process utilised by the Business School left me feeling very prepared since my module choices this year are much more important than the ones, I did last year.

Once I decided with my modules I went over to the Edge Hill website using a link emailed to me to access the selection form. Inputting my choices took no more than five minutes and I got a confirmation email to assure me it had been sent off. It’s important to know what you want to study before you open the website, and that you have researched the modules as closely as you can.

Next year I’ll be studying Research Methods for Business, Retail Marketing Planning and, Branding: Integrated Digital Campaigns as my compulsory three modules that the Business School selected for me. The three I, myself, got to select are Employability, Social Media Monitoring & Analytics and, Services & Experiential Marketing. Having worked in a salon when I was younger I’m particularly excited to study the Services module since it will tie into that.

I’m amazed first year is coming to an end, but I’m very excited for my second year.


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