Staying Positive While Studying

I think it’s safe to say that studying isn’t everyone’s favourite pastime. It can be difficult to get into the right mindset to study, especially if you feel stressed. Don’t worry – everyone feels like that sometimes! In today’s blog, I’ll share my tips to stay positive when studying! That will be today’s topic.

Think of Why You’re Studying

This can be a great source of motivation, and when I feel motivated, I feel positive. You can think long-term (how helpful your studies will be in your career) or short-term, like the feeling you’ll get after submitting. By wanting to succeed, I feel motivated to succeed, and that makes me happy.

Think of How Much You’ve Already Achieved

 It helps to remind myself of how I got into University, despite how difficult it was. “If I could overcome all those obstacles and earn my place at University, I’m more than capable of graduating.” This mindset has helped me at many points in my life, and hopefully it could help you, too. You’ll have a great support network at Edge Hill University (including study support within your faculty and at the Catalyst), so you’ll have a lot of help from people who want you to succeed.

Take it Easy

Trying to revise something and you’re feeling stressed? Leave it for a while! Take a few minutes to de-stress. Not everything will click with you instantly; you’re bound to hit a block. If you move onto another topic, you may use your time more effectively and therefore feel better and accomplished. Don’t neglect the topic, however; come back to it an hour or two later, or tomorrow. Therefore, giving yourself a lot of time to revise is important. Remember that your teachers are there to help, as well – ask them nicely if they can go through a topic you don’t understand one-to-one with you.

At Edge Hill University we have a big focus on mental health and avoiding burnout. If you’re struggling to de-stress and not overwork yourself, we have teams and masterclasses to help you.

Closing Words

Stress and studying come hand in hand. While studying is a priority, so is your health, so remember it is okay to take a step back if it becomes overwhelming and remember there are people around you who will help in any way they can!


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