Applying for Student Finance England

I feel like a lot of people worry about the cost of University. I am paying £9,250 a year in tuition fees, my accommodation, and other living expenses. Thankfully, I haven’t had to pay for any of these out of my own pocket just yet. I, like many other students across the country, have student loans which cover tuition fees and maintenance loans (for living). We all applied for these loans through Student Finance England (SFE).
In this blog, I’ll talk about how to apply for SFE.

(Note: applicants in the EU, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland will go through a different application process. Click here for information).

Before You Apply…

I recommend checking this link. The SFE website has a handy student finance calculator, and will also tell you what loans you’re eligible for, as well as grants. Grants are essentially free money; unlike loans, you’ll never have to pay them back.

I have never met anyone who wasn’t eligible for Student Finance England, but some factors (such as course intensity) can affect your eligibility, so it’s best to have check.


Applying is an easy online process, so you will need to create an account. In the application process, you will likely need to provide household income (confirmed by a parent/partner) and ID.
Your application should be processed within six weeks.
Hopefully you are all staying safe in these times. Understandably, you may have questions about how the application process may be affected by recent events. Click here to see up-to-date information.

Repaying Your Loan

If you’re applying for an undergraduate course, you’ll be on Plan 2 like me (plans are explained here). This means that, thirty years after you start repaying your loan, your fees will be ‘written off’.
You only start paying your loan if your income is above the repayment threshold (which is currently £25,725). Take this with a grain of salt, as this threshold will very likely change. The takeaway message is don’t worry, there’s a good chance you’ll never have to fully repay your loans.

Closing Words

The online application process for SFE is relatively quick and simple. You can contact SFE if there’s ever an issue when applying. We encourage you to apply for SFE now, so your funding will be in place when you start University. Even if you haven’t gotten an offer yet, you can still apply for SFE!


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