Expectation VS Reality: Uni Life

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When first starting University, I didn’t have many expectations of what it would be like. Being one of the only family members that actually went to University (living at Uni), I didn’t have anyone to talk about it with. That being said, a couple of my friends went before I did, and these were my expectations.


  1. Lecturer’s are tough – When talking to my friends, they said that most of their lecturer’s were quite strict, and made a point about it when people didn’t turn up to class, or if they were late.
  2. Everyone loves to drink – Majority of students on campus are younger, and it looked like everyone was going out a lot and having fun.
  3. Your free time is your free time. Do what you want! – Most of my mates went out and explored in their free time, especially during first year.
  4. Flat Mates – Your flat mates will probably be your close friends and you’ll do a lot together.


When actually coming to University myself, I soon realised that these expectations weren’t the case.

  1. Yes lecturer’s can be tough, but only a few of them. The rest are pretty relaxed and understand if you have something that’s come up or if you’ve slept through your alarm by accident. Just drop them an email to let them know, and catch up on the work that you’ve missed.
  2. Not everyone drinks. Quite a few people I know don’t really drink alcohol, nor do they go out that much. Although a lot of people do go out when they’re at University, you’ll find your own flow in things, and learn to socialise in different ways.
  3. Free time is good, but also for independent study. University isn’t like college or Sixth form, where you have a full day of lectures. For example I’ve only had around 10-12 hours of contact time a week, meaning I have 4 days off (including weekends). Lecturer’s will be expecting you to do studying in your spare time, including reading’s etc.
  4. Your flat mates are going to be (most likely) the first group of people you make friends with. However, once you start your course, go to societies etc., you’ll meet a lot of different people. If you’re worried about meeting new people, there are different workshops and societies that you can go to to help deal with the anxiety.

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