Why I chose Edge Hill

When I was looking at Universities, Edge Hill and other Universities up North didn’t really occur to me until one of my friends suggested it. From there onwards, I just researched into it, and fell in love with what the course was offering me, so it ended up being on my list.

Although Edge Hill was on my list, it wasn’t my first choice as I had my heart set on Brighton but, when I went to Edge Hill for an Open Day, my whole mindset changed immediately. Unfortunately during this period, it was tough due to personal circumstances, which meant only me and my mum went to visit Edge Hill. She is probably one of the reasons why I ended up choosing Edge Hill as my first choice, because once we walked round the campus and had been to my course talk, she said to me: ‘I’m happy with you being here’. That was the only time she had ever said that to me whilst visiting a University, so I think that was a factor in my decision too.

In comparison with other Universities, I felt that Edge Hill had a different presence. I don’t know whether its because Edge Hill is an Open Campus, or the fact that it’s not in a City: I just felt more ‘at home’ (a home away from home if you will). Edge Hill also cater to allergies really well as I found out whilst visiting during an Open Day. Because of my allergy to nuts, in other places I found it difficult, but here, they had dietary requirements sheet and labels on every single piece of food too. That in turn made me feel safer and happier to be there.

I don’t regret my decision at all to come to Edge Hill. Even though it’s 4 hours away from home, this is my ‘home away from home’ and will be for another year to come.

Ellis x

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