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As a prospective student, I researched into the Scholarships available to students coming to Edge Hill. I came across the Excellence Scholarship Award. This stood out to me because anyone could apply for it, so I decided ‘why not?’, and I put an application in.

The application wasn’t hard. The questions were mainly to do with your commitment for your passion, and how you would benefit from the Scholarship, etc. I answered the questions honestly, showing that I had a key interest in scriptwriting. (I ended up submitting a few scripts too to help my application). After submitting my application, it took a while for an email to come through. Fast forward a month later, and I got an email that made me smile so much: I got the Scholarship!

Once I got that email through, I was ecstatic as I didn’t believe that I would receive the award. It made me think that what I’m doing at the moment, might actually get me in the Film/TV industry. When I eventually came to my senses, and read the email, it stated that there would be an evening to celebrate students getting the awards, and that I could invite two guests. I ended up inviting my parents because they were so proud of me. Also it was a nice way to see each other because I live four hours away from home.

The Award’s evening was amazing and it really reminded me of how committed and driven you have to be to get where you want to in life. And now whenever I have a ‘down moment’ (which I do a lot because I’m a bit of a perfectionist), I think back to that time of receiving the award, and why they gave it to me in the first place.

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