My Week With Avans University Students!

This week just passed I had the opportunity to take part in an international collaboration project with some students from Avans University in the Netherlands, for my blog this week I’m going to share my experience with all of you.

Avans University in the Netherlands.
Avans University in the Netherlands.

The project ran on Tuesday and Thursday, with the opportunity to go on a cultural trip on Wednesday, though I didn’t go on the trip due to a lecture the same day. Myself and two friends were paired to four Dutch students, then shuffled along to the Catalyst to do a group project about introducing a new bike to the UK market. The only thing on the line for myself was a certificate, whereas for the Dutch students the project and its findings would be used for a report back home in their country, so there was an edge of pressure given the short time span to work on things.

Between ourselves and the Dutch students there was a very clear language barrier. Being someone who says she can barely speak English, let alone another language, communication was difficult. The Dutch students would speak a lot of Dutch, then try to roughly translate to English, it was difficult to start but eventually we found a groove. Through this means of conversation we managed to complete the all important market research phase of the project, through a Google Form questionnaire. Following that, lunch!

A bonus to doing the project was free lunch in the Hub both Tuesday and Thursday. Following lunch, we put together the presentation ahead of Thursday, before saying goodbye to the Dutch students for the day.

Thursday’s final day was mostly preparation before presenting our bike and the business model to other groups and three tutors. It was a successful presentation and I got some feedback I can be proud with. Finally, a group photo, certificate handout, and free lunch!

Overall, the week was a really enriching experience. I’ve learnt how to communicate better with people I don’t really understand and also probably don’t understand me ,and I’ve got a certificate I can put on my CV to show employers. While I can’t guarantee this experience is an option for every course, if there’s ever the opportunity to do something like it while studying at Edge Hill, certainly take it. I don’t have any regrets, despite the week being a bit difficult at times.


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