My First Deadline Experience.

You’ve settled into university, had a few lectures for each of your modules, done a bit of reading or at least attempted to, and now… The lecturers begin to mention assignments or coursework.

This was mostly my scenario. Although we’d been informed in our introduction session how the module is assessed it doesn’t dawn on you that work is real and its approaching until its more candidly mentioned in lectures. My first deadline was mid-November, leaving me a good two months to settle into university, though that won’t be the case for every degree.

I remember stressing quite a lot leading up to beginning to work on it, I’m a perfectionist but I also wasn’t sure how it’d be marked. In addition, I’d never referenced before or had to write academically, so there were a lot of factors revolving around this one piece of work. However, eventually, one October afternoon I just sat down and wrote it. Actually, writing the piece, exploring not using contractions, referencing myself up to the hilt; it was a very relaxing experience. Reading texts I’d not read before to gather information to back up what I was saying was very enriching to my understanding of the concept I was discussing.

Moving forward, I tackled all my deadlines the same. If I could I’d give myself ample time to write out my essays, or piece together my presentations. While not everyone will do this and will be able to refer to their memories as being a lot more stressful, this way of working had ensured my university life thus far has been quite relaxed. My uncle once said a degree is a marathon, right now I’m very much jogging, though I’m not sure when I’ll need to sprint.

Getting my work done ahead of time has also ensured grades I can be happy with. My first piece of work bagged me a high 2:1, pieces done in a similar method have also gained those grades.

I’m sure at some point I’ll write a follow up to this blog discussing my panicked deadline where I was writing up against the clock. Though, for now I can simply say the first dreaded deadline doesn’t have to be so dreaded.


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