University life on paper revolves around your studies and your social life. Whether your social life is going out to bars and clubs or something a bit more sober, it’s one of the key things people think about after they’ve sent off that UCAS application. However, a few months down the line when you’re packing up your life to move into halls of residence or even accommodation off campus, it’s important to think about those aspects of university life where you’ll have alone time. Freshers week might not hold much but as first semester evolves, you’ll find yourself having to fill some time through means other than your studies and socialising. It was at this point in my first semester I was so thankful I have bought my games console to university with me.

A games console is a perfect addition to your uni life for those alone moments but also for more social moments. On many occasions I’ve gotten home from my timetabled lectures and seminars of the day, made dinner, and then just played games until it was time to sleep, it’s a good way to unplug and relax after your day of studies depending on what you play. I own a Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 so the access to different games to fill those hours is extremely expansive. If I’m ever feeling a bit stressed but cannot do anything about it, I’ll play a game to pass the time, or use either to access apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime, they’re perfect entertainment systems.

My Nintendo Switch

In terms of the social aspect, games consoles are useful for making those new friends during freshers week. A memory I have is one night most of my flat and I played Just Dance on my Switch in the kitchen. We moved the table, the chairs, anything we could, so we had enough room. It was a really fun night and instrumental in forming a few of those friendships essential to my university life.

If you own a games console and you’re planning to come to university, I implore you to consider bringing it with you. Whether you plan to use it to help make new friends or just for your down time, they can make downtime at university a lot more fun.


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