Staying Organised: Part 2

Another part of being at University, is not only trying to organise all of your studies, but everything else that’s in-between. This can be your social life, expenses, meals/food etc. So here are a few things I do to keep on track of everything.

Spend Budget (Weekly)

When my maintenance loan comes into my account, I like to work out how much money I would have weekly to spend on things I want/need like food, social events etc. With this, I do a spending budget plan and track my expenses so I know where my money is going, and if I’m spending too much, I can have a look and see what I need to cut down on. At the moment, for myself, I know I need to cut down my coffee consumption whilst at Uni because its not only (in moderation) unhealthy, but also doesn’t do wonders for my bank account either. Again, much like my diary, I colour code into different categories such as: food, entertainment, extra and other. Other being my monthly expenses I pay out for such as my phone, Spotify and gym membership.

Meal Planning

This is something I really want to start doing again at Uni as it saved quite a bit of money and I was eating healthy too. Try and think of dishes you know you would like to cook in a week: maybe about 3/4 and do big(ish) batches so that you can freeze them and have them later in the week. Personally, I like to do chicken curry, chilli con carne and fajitas as my staples and then anything else in between. Also, me and my boyfriend tend to cook for each other a lot throughout the weeks as well, so that in turn saves a little bit of money. By figuring out which dishes you want to cook, you’ll only go out and buy these ingredients and not be thinking about what you might need and overspend.


This kind of goes under the spending budget, but ultimately this helps keep you organised. If you’re lucky enough to have a decent maintenance loan, and are able to put some money away each week, two weeks or every month, you can keep that money for things you want at Uni, not what you need. For example, social events such as karaoke night, you would probably need a bit of money for drinks and entrance. Doing it this way can just help you keep a tab on things whilst necessities are being pulled out of your everyday account.

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