Staying Organised: Part 1

One of the biggest things about University is trying to stay organised and keep on top of all of your studies. Especially as a ‘fresher’ (1st year students), you may find it overwhelming with signing up to different societies, clubs, socialising and studying. Here are just some of the ways to keep you organised with everything that’s going on in your life whilst being at University.


I’ve started doing this since the start of first year, and I can honestly say that having a diary/planner keeps me organised and productive. In particular, I’ve only just started colour coding my diary notes with a key, so I know what’s happening when, and also, its easier on the eye to keep track of everything. I’ve colour coded my diary based off of 5 things: Birthdays/Anniversaries, Social, Personal/Important, Deadlines and other. Obviously, this is just my way of making my life a little bit easier whilst at Uni, and helps me to separate out my priorities when needed.

Schedule Your Study Time

With this, it might be a good idea to try and timetable in when you’re going to study for each independent module that you’re currently doing on your course. For example, if you had 3 modules this semester, break up your week into how much study time per module you would like to do. This will keep you on top of your readings and any other work that needs completing in that time.

Study Spot

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a comfortable study spot is a great thing to do to keep you organised. Whether this be a place on campus like the catalyst, upstairs in the hub or even Starbucks in Ormskirk town centre; this will help keep your focus more on the work you need to do. Plus its some place outside of your flat where most of your time is spent, so it also gets you out with some fresh air.


Maybe try and get a friend to go along with you to do some studying. If you’re on the same course, this will definitely help both of you to try and motivate each other to do the reading or the other work that’s been set. Having someone there at a specific time/place can help you to keep on top of things.

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