Daily Essentials for the Commuting Student

The internet is packed with lists of student essentials and survival tips but here are the top 3 genuinely helpful items to pack each morning for students who commute to campus – from one bleary-eyed commuter to another.

1. Passes, permits and parking

If you’re driving in, apply for a permit straight away to avoid getting a fine. It’s worth finding local alternative parking in Ormskirk and getting the free bus to and from campus during busier periods as spaces are very limited. Don’t forget to check out the Car Share scheme to see if you could save money and guarantee a parking space.

One way to avoid the parking wars and look after our planet is to use public transport. Look out for ‘hacks’ – sometimes you can save money by splitting your journey into two passes or tickets. Student railcards and passes are also available in most districts. A free bus service runs from the centre of Ormskirk directly to campus (and back) too!

2. A travel mug and water bottle

The early starts and long lectures can take their toll, especially as dark mornings set in. Invest in a good travel mug so that you can get discounted hot drinks from campus coffee shops and a water bottle to stay hydrated. There are water fountains around campus. This isn’t the place to scrimp, invest in cups and bottles that won’t spill all over your books and notes when you’re on the go!

Top tip: if money is tight, pack sachets of coffee and tea bags then simply ask for hot water in The Hub.

3. Chargers and earphones

Always have a power bank or plug and cables for your phone or tablet with you so that you can charge up in the Catalyst on your breaks. Earphones will make study sessions and commutes much more enjoyable, too. If you want to use a laptop on campus but don’t want to lug yours around, your Unicard will give you access to ‘Laptop Loans’ so that you can borrow one on campus. There are also hundreds of computers in the Catalyst that you can use 24/7. Yes, literally!

You may be expecting to see stationery and textbooks on the list, but the Catalyst has several floors of books and your Edge Hill account will give you access to thousands more on any computer. You can also purchase uni essentials such as stationery and snacks from the Catalyst’s vending machines and the Student’s Union shop. So, if you forget any of those things, you’re covered. Winner.

Let me know in the comments if there is anything you would add!

Sam xo

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