Making the most of Edge Hill’s Campus!

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well. This post will hopefully help you to kill some time while you’re on campus and waiting for your next class to start. I found that this year especially with living off campus, I cannot simply go back to my flat on campus like I used to do in first year and so, I have found ways to put the time in nicely.

The first thing you might want to do may be seem a little obvious but the Catalyst is a great place to put extra time in to. It never hurts to have a spare hour or two and smash out some studying or assignment writing or quickly complete some work for your next class which should obviously already be done…Don’t worry, we have all been there before.

The Catalyst has so many great facilities from countless computers, laptops, book and coffee you can definitely take advantage of this building on Edge Hills campus. To read more about the Catalyst I have post I did about my favourite things about it,

If you would rather be more social, there are loads of places around the campus that you can for a coffee with your friends. The Hub located at the centre of the university campus is a great meeting place for lunch and coffee catch ups with Starbucks and McColl’s you won’t be stuck for places to eat or drink.

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I like meeting friends there and sitting up at the top floor on the comfy seats and just chilling until it’s time to learn again, it’s nice to be able to switch off and the hub is a great place to do so.

One thing that I did a lot when I had an hour or two to kill was go on a walk. I literally walked everywhere around the campus from the running track at the back of the sports centre to around the lakeside between the education building and the health and social building. When that got too easy for me I stumbled upon Ruff Woods which is literally across the road from the university.

Ruff Woods is such a beautiful place to walk and a great way to escape any stress you may be feeling after class or to just get some fresh air and feel the benefits of nature. I cannot tell you how many times I would be sitting in the library for a couple of hours and then put my earphones in, played a podcast and took off for a walk to clear my head. I then came back to the library with a clearer head.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog and found it interesting. Edge Hill’s Campus is great for things to do when you have some spare time between classes and I fully recommend to take advantage of this!

“What you do to kill time is your real work.”

– Marty Rubin –

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