What Happens After the Interview for Primary Education with QTS?

After the interview, my family took me out for lunch as my stomach was too knotted to eat anything in the morning. So my advice would be to relax – you did it!

When did I find out I passed?

I actually found out in the airport on my way back home – this was about 5 days later. They send you a really nice email with your feedback notes. This was a nice confidence boost and really got me excited to start. They also set you some small targets that will be important in the first term.

Definitely do some work towards these as you will be questioned on them in your termly meetings with your Academic Tutor.

Any other information?

They will send you a summer booklet full of tasks to complete to get you ready for the first year. Some tutors checked this, and others didn’t. However, what I have learned at university is, they may set you tasks that they don’t check but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them as they do really help develop your understanding and confidence in what you’re doing. I really enjoyed the summer task and it will set you ahead of those who don’t do it.

Any other questions about the interview for Primary Education, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.


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