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Peer Mentors are people that you’re assigned to when you first join the University. A lot of students don’t necessarily know what they do and what they’re there for, and because of this, they don’t contact or email the peer mentors. I’m a 2nd year peer mentor student for some Media, Film and TV students.

Peer Mentors are like myself, students in an older year group that have been through what you’re going through. We’ve always got an email to contact and you’ll get an email from us when you first start, saying who we are. Majority of the time, as peer mentors, we get students who come to us about the course and whether we like it or not etc. However, we have much more use than just to ask about the course.

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you’re struggling with life at University, or work, or even want to get to know the area a bit more, we can help with that. All you have to do is drop your peer mentor an email. Failing that, when there are open days during term time, there will be a handful of us in different locations (depending on the course/subject you’re wanting to do), to give out advice or ask any questions to prospective students. If you’re wanting to look out for us during these open days, we tend to wear jumpers which say ‘peer mentor’ on the back. Any mentors that do a degree revolving around TV, Film and or Media, normally wear a light blue jumper, if you’re wanting to see us specifically. On open days, we’re normally based in the Creative Edge building.

At Edge Hill, there is so much support, and Peer Mentors are apart of it.

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