Placements: All You Need to Know

Hope everyone has had a nice start to the new year! As prospective students, you may not realise that some courses are required to have placements as part of one of their modules. This is normally the case for teaching courses such as Primary Education. However there is nothing stopping students from getting their own placements throughout the years you’re at university as it will improve your skills, in addition to gaining experience.

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Much like my course, Film and TV Production, it doesn’t have a required module for placements however, I am currently half way through 2nd year and I have managed to find a series of placements in different areas in both sectors, as well as in different places such as Manchester and London.

One of the things to do is to talk to the careers team as they can advise you in what placements are available as well as being specific to your course. There are a few courses at University which are harder to get placements such as the course I’m studying but, if you take the time to research into it and talk to people, you will find some.

You can also talk to your tutors about placements. Most tutors have connections with other people in the career you want to work in, and if you show that enthusiasm and interest they will help you find that pathway. For example, I have recently completed a placement at SKY, but found out about the application through one of the studio managers at Edge Hill, and it was one of the best things I have done this year.

If you need any more information, click the link below to direct you to the careers page at Edge Hill.

Careers page for placements, and what they do.

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