New Years Resolutions

Hey everyone! Sticking with the theme of News Years, here are my reasons why I am not making any resolutions and why I won’t put myself under the pressure.

New Year, Same Me

I don’t see the reason why I should put myself under the pressure to change the way I am to ‘better myself.’ I think that adding that stress at the start of the year and a start to a new term is not a good idea as I will already be under a lot of pressure to get back into my old routine.

However, if you have the willpower to stick to resolutions and not buckle under the pressure, I applaud you.

Baby Steps

I’m not saying that I have never made new year resolutions, I have and that’s why I have stopped making them. I found that making a big change at the start year was a shock to the system and I never stuck to it. For example, if you make a resolution to study for two hours every day when you are only used to studying two hours four days a week, it will most likely not work out the way you want to because it is something you aren’t used to.

My advice for changing your habits for the new year to improve your study at university is to take it in small steps. Maybe only add one extra study day instead of every day just to ease yourself in and to not shock the system and give up sooner than you would like.

The catalyst is the best place to start. Take yourself up to the silent study and stick at the studying for an hour, don’t force it anymore if you think you won’t take anything in.

I hope that you enjoyed this little post about resolutions. By all means, make resolutions that will help you succeed on your course but don’t but yourself under pressure to completely change yourself.

Instead of trying to change your entire life in January, the simpler strategy is to adopt a 12-month plan where you’re making constant improvements.

S. J. Scott

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