Beating the January Blues

Hey everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas or break and are ready to start 2020 off! For this month, as it is the first month of 2020, I thought I would centre these blogs around the theme of New Years and the month of January as I know this month can be hard for people. Hope you enjoy!

I am sure everyone here has heard or even felt the ‘January Blues’ as I most definitely have. However, it wasn’t until I started university that I felt it hit hard and it was a shock to the system. I had just started my first placement and two other people that I lived with had also started placement and had moved out from the flat making it feel very lonely all of a sudden.

I knew there were other people in the flat but I just remember not being able to make myself sit in the kitchen with them and so I brought myself over to the gym foyer to do work and then fit a workout in, isolating myself even further. I then started not being able to sleep at night which took a lot of energy out of me the next day going into school and it was then when I knew I had to do something about this.

Firstly, I made an appointment to see someone in the Catalyst who could help me with this, and I was put in contact with someone very quickly. We had a chat about how I was feeling, and it was so good to talk to someone and let everything out. She offered me some advice on how I could help myself feel better which I appreciated because self-help is something I’m a huge advocate for.

The weeks following this, I took into consideration some of the things I could do to help myself such as; making time to hang out with friends, facetime my family (I took this one too seriously, sorry mum), rest more and spend time doing something I loved which was walking.

After a few weeks I did start to feel better and more like myself again which was such a relief. All it took was talking to someone to help me realise that I didn’t have to sit in my room or go to the gym every single night to distract myself from the January Blues, all I needed was some self-care and love and I can’t thank the Catalyst well-being team enough for helping me see this.

If you ever feel like this, which I know a lot of people do, know that Edge Hill University’s Catalyst is there to help and offer you any help or advice that you need. Follow this link for further information!

I hope this helps and I hope that you enjoyed reading, Lauren x

Focus on what you can control: your actions. How you react to negative feelings will be the key to your success.

– Blake Mycoskie-

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