What’s In My Uni Bag?

Knowing what to pack can be tricky when coming to University. Some might say that they’re not really sure what to pack in their Uni bag to go to lectures. So here’s a few things that I keep in my bag 24/7, ready for a lecture.

Notepad and Pen

Having these two items in your bag is a life-saver, especially when you go to a lecture that you really need to take notes on. I always try and have an A5 size notepad and one/two pens, just in case someone needs one or, if mine ends up running out. After lectures, I try to go back over my notes and either type them up onto a document on my laptop, or, highlight it in different coloured pens so I know which notes are for which lecture.

Uni Keys and ID

Honestly, especially if you live on campus, this is one of the worst things to forget or lose. Your ID acts as your key card to get into your halls of residents. So at least if you forget your key, hope that one of your flat mates is there otherwise, you may have to pay a fee or get a security guard to let you in.


If you’re anything like me, I have to carry 2 types of medication in my bag as a priority in case anything happens. Due to myself having an allergy and asthma, it is important to carry these items everyday just in case something happens. I also carry some paracetamol in case I start feeling unwell (or usually the case: someone else doesn’t feel good and needs some).


If you have a long lecture/seminar day ahead of you and you forget to bring some snacks from your Uni room, having money on yourself is always a good idea. Just a quick walk across campus to the shop and you’ll find something in no time – and hopefully quite cheap too.


Sometimes, I feel like bringing in my laptop/tablet. For some students this is easier than writing on paper however, not all of your lectures will necessarily have a table to rest it on, which can become uncomfortable.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions just drop them down below in the comments!

Ellis x

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