Living with Room-mates: Tips

So now that everyone has gone away for Christmas Break, you may be dreading going back to your halls on campus to see your flat mates. Not necessarily because you don’t like them, but maybe because they host too many parties during the week and you just want some sleep. So here’s a few tips to try and deal with it.

Talk to them

Obviously this is your first point of call. If you have any issues with your flatmates, it might be a good idea to talk to them first about the situations you’re not happy with. Try to keep it friendly though. For example: say to watch a movie in the kitchen/communal area, or have a dinner together to get everything said.

Go somewhere else

If you know your flat is going to be having a party, or going out drinking and are going to come back making loud noises, try going to the catalyst or to a friends flat for a little bit. This will relax you rather than potentially being paranoid about your flat coming in any minute.

Catalyst help desk

If you’re really not enjoying the halls of residents you’ve been put in, there is always the possibility of you moving to a different halls. You will have to talk to a few people first about the system and how to move out. The first place to go to is the Catalyst Help Desk, as they will help you look for a solution and a specific person to talk to about accommodation.

There aren’t many options unfortunately when it comes to flat mates. With both my flatmates that I had in first year, and now living with my friends on my course, I’ve had no difficulties or problems and loved living with both of these groups. Sometimes, it can just be a clash of personalities, but if you’re really struggling there is always someone to help. Here’s the information for the accommodation team if you need it, or if you’re hoping to come to Edge Hill, you can also find out more information about the accommodation we offer through this team too.

You can contact the Accommodation Team on 01695 657555 or email

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