Happy New Year!

Hey guys!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and are looking forward to next year! As it’s coming up to a start of the a new year, this is normally the time when people make different resolutions. Mine is to try and go to the gym more than I do and to eat a little better. Here’s a few ideas you might like to try in the new year!

Try a New Hobby

There’s so many different societies and clubs that Edge Hill offers. I know most individuals would’ve joined their societies throughout Fresher’s Week but, there’s no harm in emailing the society leaders about joining, or turning up to a couple of trial sessions to see if you like them.

Be More Organised

At University, you’ll find there’s a lot of work that needs to be done constantly. Get on top of this by being a more organised person. Whether that is having a diary, or a notepad to write down your shopping, or planning out meals to keep cost down. Its completely up to you!

Eat Better

Being at University can make you feel like you don’t really want to cook that much and normally comes down to either: putting a pizza in the oven or getting take out. 2020 is a good year to try and change this by cooking more, even if its just simple dishes. By doing this it will also keep your cost down.

Travel More

If you’re able to, I would definitely say to travel more in 2020. This can give you a look into different cultures and you’ll love it! Also, this gives you something to talk about in your personal statements if you’re thinking of coming to University.

Let me know what you’re resolutions are! Happy New Year!

Ellis x

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