What are Lectures Like in ‘TV and Film Production?’

As some readers may know already; I actually started Edge Hill doing a Media, TV and Film degree but, I managed to switch over to a different degree within the first week as the course didn’t fit me. I’m so glad I decided to do this and its made me a happier student overall but, I wanted to talk about the lectures in TV and Film Production.

Lectures in TV and Film, like most degrees can be very information heavy but the majority of the time it doesn’t feel like this. This is because my lecturers all very knowledgeable and know what they’re talking about and, they give us breaks in-between lectures, especially if its a long one. Currently, my longest day is a Thursday as i’m in from 10-5 but this covers 2 modules: Children’s TV and Advanced Post Production.

The thing that I love about my lectures is that they’re quite relaxed. The lecturers don’t make the information sound patronising but more like we need to know this information if we want to go down this career path. They always make sure we have a little coffee break in-between too so we still engage with the information they give us.

Another thing about Film and TV Production is that if you chose the specific modules, sometimes you’ll just be filming instead of going to a lecture (you need to let your tutor know), or you may find yourself having a lecture or ‘class’ in the Broadcast Studio in Creative Edge. Currently I do Children’s TV and find myself in there a lot of the time to do training and setting up for our group’s own production, but its probably my favourite place as you’re learning but having fun too.

If you have any questions about the course or want to know a bit more, just drop a comment in the box down below.

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