How I organise my Pen Drive for Primary Education

Hey everyone, I thought I would talk about how I organise my work on my pen drive particularly for Primary Education as there is a lot of subjects to keep organised. I find that when my pen drive is organised, I feel a lot less stressed because I know where everything is.

When I first started, we were given this pen drive to keep all of our work on. I really recommend using this only for your course work and keeping other projects outside of your course on another pen so as to save confusion.

Like I said before, in the Primary Education course, there are a lot of subjects that we have to study and so that comes with different kinds of work for each subject and then different assignments and reading along with that. It’s so important that you keep these in their own individual folders so that you can find what you are looking for quicker and work that you have done will not get confused with other pieces work.

This how I liked to organise my folder for my first year of the course. As you can see, all the subjects have their own folders so that nothing gets mixed up and within them folders there are more folders that have my assignments in them and that have reading in them.

I know that when I have to look for an assignment I have done that is ready to submit, I can look in its exact folder and know that I have not confused it with another assignment I have done.

It is the same with reading, when I have found a journal article that will help my assignment I will put it in the folder with the rest of the reading I have found for that assignment. This way I will not be spending more time looking for that specific journal article as I know that it is in the subject folder containing the rest of my reading.

I hope that this is helpful for people starting the course and for those applying for the course. Organising your pen drive makes university a lot easier especially when you don’t have to panic over something that you think you have lost but, in reality, you just cannot seem to find it in the pen drive. Trust me, I have been there.

Thank you for reading!

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt-

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