Room Decoration

Even though its about a month into Uni, you may still think that your room needs a bit more decoration. These are just a few things I have done in my room to make it feel a bit more homely.

I would suggest investing in a few boxes of fairy lights. If you ever have a film night in your room with a few of your mates, it helps set the mood. I bought mine from The Range but, you can buy them from anywhere. Possibly getting some fairy lights with pegs on too so you can hang pictures if you have any to make it more decorative. If you’re not a fan of fairy lights, you could always opt for some LED ones which you can get online from Amazon.

Making your bed the comfiest thing ever at University is a definite must. I remember going into Ikea and getting my duvet as they do a broad range. They also do mattress toppers in there to make your bed extra comfy. If you’re anything like me, I made sure I had a bit of a colour scheme going through my room: from my bed covers to my accessories I had mainly white, grey and light pink colours. I also had pillows which were from The Range.

If you’re looking for posters to decorate your room, the Hub at Edge Hill often holds a poster sale. You can find decent posters ranging from around £2-£5. Failing this, there is a website you can follow: They do specific brands such as Friends, Star Wars, Marvel, Disney etc.

Tapestry is another way to add colour to your room. If you look on Amazon, they have a selection of tapestries to choose from: some are more arty than others.

Obviously I know the majority of you guys reading this blog have probably already figured out your room decor but, these are always some ideas if you’re stuck. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog.

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