“What are the lectures like in Primary Education?”

Hey everyone, as I am well into my second year of Primary Education I thought I would tell you about how the lectures work in this course. My family and friends always ask me this question as they know the primary eduction is a little different to other courses.

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When I first started the Primary Education course last September, I had the idea in my head that all I had was lectures. This idea probably came from watching too many YouTube videos on ‘university day in my life.”

I was really surprised to find out that most of my timetable consists of seminars and classes and only a couple of lectures during the week.

So, here is how lectures in Primary Education work;

APD – Academic Personal Development

This year, we have these lectures on a Monday morning from 9am to 10am which includes the entire course sitting in the one lecture hall. We cover all kinds of topics such as; behaviour, inclusion, academic writing and education theories.

After these lectures, we have a follow on 2 hour seminar in which we all have our own class groups of about 20 or so people. For example, last year I was 1D and this year I am 2D. The APD seminars go into more detail about what was covered in the lecture and this is how it works every week.

Foundation Subject Lectures

The APD lectures are the only lectures we have that are consistently once a week unless it is cancelled. Occasionally, we have foundation subject lectures every couple of weeks. This year, these are on a Friday morning and then followed on with 4 hour foundation classes on one subject. For example, last Friday (11th October) I had religious studies and have already had a class on Physical Education and Languages.

The first foundation lecture that I had was called Policy and the Foundation Subjects which I really enjoyed and found quite interesting. I can also check when my next Foundation subject lecture will be scheduled on the timetable on blackboard!

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And that is how my lectures work for Primary Education! In terms of taking notes during these sessions, I don’t beat myself up too much if I cannot write everything down as I can find the powerpoint on Blackboard after the session or the lectures are recorded and also put on Blackboard.

Thank you for reading!

“A University should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning.”

Benjamin Disraeli

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