Backpack Essentials

When you start at a new place such as University, you may find it a bit tricky to get a sense of what you actually need during lectures and seminars. So here’s what I have as an everyday essential ready for my lectures.


If you haven’t one already, I would highly recommend getting one. If you’re in a lecture and your tutor is going to fast, a laptop is the only way to help you. However, if you can’t afford one, the catalyst also provides laptops but on a borrowing and returning basis. All you have to do is bring your ID card and get one out and return it when you’re done. If you’re needing one for a full week, you can get an emergency laptop which allows you to take it off campus as well. Just go onto the library catalogue to see whether there’s any available.

Notebook and a pen

You’ll find that during your seminars, your notebook will come in handy. Not only that, but if a register is going round, you’ll need a pen to sign your name. More often than not, that pen will actually go round the whole class because no one else has thought of bringing one.


As you may be doing multiple modules during the semester, having a diary can keep track of all the deadlines and work that needs to be completed. Having it in your bag everyday also makes you use it and its a definite need in my case.


Stay hydrated! Honestly, have a water bottle constantly that you can fill up throughout the day is a good way to keep healthy. Not only this, but it keeps you more awake and focused during lectures and seminars.


Try to make sure you have a bit on money on you. If you get tempted to have a snack during a break from a lecture then get one! Don’t deprive yourself of it as you may need the energy to carry on. For me, I always make sure I have a little bit of money for a coffee (a latte in particular) as this keeps me awake and gets my energy levels back up again.

These are only a few essentials. You may not need all of these but, all of these items are what i have in my bag everyday.

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