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Another year which means another UCAS application for all of you who have decided to go to University. One of the most important things about this application is the personal statement.

Your personal statement is important as this section allows you to express yourself not only as a student, but as an individual. It gives the University a chance to see why you would want to be there studying that particular degree. However, writing about yourself in a positive way can be quite difficult as you sometimes may not see where your strengths lie. But, as you start to write the first couple of sentences, you’ll begin to find a flow and find it easier to write.

Writing down a structure may help. When I was writing my application, I broke my statement down into different categories: explaining who I am and why I want to study that subject/degree course, writing my strengths and finally, any work experience I have done. The work experience can include anything that will enhance your application, such as a part time job alongside your studies at 6th form/college. Also, this is a good time to write down any skills you have gained from work experience. This can include communication skills, organisation, time management etc.

Once you’ve built some kind of structure, you need to try and make it your own and stand out from the rest of the people you’re up against. One of the ways to do this is to create a good opening to your personal statement. For mine, I wrote a quote from Steven Spielberg who is an inspiration of mine to start of my application. Also, if you have any hobbies that you think could relate to your degree, write it! As an example, I wrote about how I do scriptwriting in my own time and go out and do photography too (I’m doing a tv and film production course). This is best to put this information at the end of your personal statement.

Lastly, you need to remember that even though you may have your heart set on one specific university, you will be required to put in an application for 5 Universities. So, you need to write your personal statement accommodating to all of the Uni’s you’ve selected.

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