Making Friends 101

It’s getting closer to the day you all move in and start your university experience! i hope you are all enjoying binge watching what do bring with you to university videos on YouTube (please tell me I was not the only one!)

As a girl who moved from Ireland to Edge Hill University, I thought that making friends would be the hardest part about university but low and behold I was very surprised…doing your own washing is the hardest part. However, although it is not the hardest part about starting university and I had a very good friend that I knew from home, it can be quite nerve-wracking especially if you are introverted like I was so, here are some of my tips on how I managed to get people to be in my company voluntarily.

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I’m sorry for how cliche this is but it is seriously so true. People have this weird ability to sense if people are being fake and this only heightens when you get to university. I will admit that I was very scared to be myself in front of my fellow classmates and flat mates but once I got comfortable, let’s just say that we are now very close and they know why I am not myself around everyone I meet…

Societies will be your first best friend!

I have heard that joining these at the very start of the year can be so useful when wanting to make friends in an environment that you are comfortable in. For example, there are musical theatre groups, dance groups, Doctor Who groups and many more that you would never think of. Don’t make the mistake I made and not join one of these!

Go on nights out!

This is another classic case of do as I say and not as I do. I made the mistake of not going out much with my flat mates and not being able to meet new people outside of my course. I now have learnt that while being an introvert is not a bad thing, it can be damaging when you want to meet new people. Take my advice and push yourself to socialise outside the confines of your flat because, while it might be hard and scary you won’t regret it!

Now that I read this blog again, I really should have titled it, ‘Mistakes I made whilst trying to make friends.’ I really hope that you find the friends you deserve because they really do make the difference to your university experience.

“Be genuinely interested in everyone you meet and everyone you meet will be genuinely interested in you”

Rasheed Ogunlaru

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  1. I am an academic visitor from China and came here last week. I am a second year postgraduate of department of computer science and stay UK for 6 months, it’s my first to come UK. I have no friends here, so I feel a little lonely. I don’t konw how to know more people and be friends, because I don’t have class in UK and don’t live in the campus, I usually stay at office, so there are few opportunities to make more friends. I want to join more activities so that I can make more friends. No friends here which makes me sad and lonely.😭

  2. Hi, sorry for the late reply, I didn’t get any notification! Having that opportunity to study abroad is really amazing and I am sure that there are people who are in the same boat as you and are struggling to make friends. There are so many classes and activities around the university and even Ormskirk that students take part in! Also, try having a look at some of the societies and see if there is something that you find interesting, you never know what could happen!

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