Uni Essentials

Seeing as a lot of you guys are now preparing for University, I thought this would be a great time to suggest essentials for University life when you move in. So, these are my essentials!

Firstly the Bedroom: this is what I took with me:

  • Bedding – 2 duvet sets, 2 pillows, mattress protector and a duvet.
  • Storage – A couple f=of baskets and laundry bag (go to Primark!).
  • Pictures and lighting – fairy lights, a lamp and loads of pictures of friends and family.
  • Clothing – There is quite a bit of storage for clothing in the accommodation buildings. You’ll figure out what you like to wear most within the first few weeks at Uni.
  • Decoration – Anything you want to show off your personality or just for comfort. For me I bought a grey blanket, extra pillows, fake plants (or real ones if you prefer), and some other small decorative pieces. There is a fair in the HUB at Edge Hill that sells posters, I highly recommend going here as it will bring colour to your room.
  • Hangers – Both clothing hangers and over the door hangers. This is very much a space saver in your room.

Next, the bathroom:

This is the exact storage box I used for my bathroom at Edge Hill.
  • Bath/shower matt – so you don’t slip in the shower.
  • A set of small draws or box – so you can put any spare shower gel or other essentials in there to keep your bathroom tidy.
  • Towels – I recommend bringing 2 sets with you, so you still have one if the other needs washing. I had 2 big towels, 2 hand towels and 2 hair towels.
  • Holders – toothbrush and hand wash holders to be exact.
  • Cleaning products – toilet bleach, antibacterial wipes.

Lastly, the kitchen:

  • Utensils – Spatula, wooden spoon, tongs, scissors, garlic crusher etc. You can normally get a pack of all of this from Ikea or a homeware store.
  • Crockery – Get a mixture of everything, but keep numbers to a minimum: 2 plates, 2 small plates, 2 bowls, 2 mugs, 2 glasses, knives, forks and spoons, plus anything else you would like.
  • Cleaning products – disinfectant, antibacterial wipes.
  • Storage – a few freezable containers, sandwich bags and tinfoil.
  • Extra’s – I realised when you’re at Uni, a staple is cheese toasties, so I got a toastie maker which also makes waffles and panini’s too. Definitely one of my favourite buys.

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