Mentally preparing for university!

Hi everyone, hope you’re well!

With September fast approaching, comes with planning and preparing for university if this is what you’re going on to do. I am studying English and Education and am in September, starting second year. I moved out of Halls on campus in June and after spending July and August at home working, going away and catching up with friends, which has been nice, I now do feel ready to start back at Edge Hill. In today’s blog, I will be suggesting some tips to help you to feel ready, prepared, excited and relaxed for your time at university, whatever year you are starting or age you are!

When it comes to making friends- everyone is in the same boat!

Last year, when I moved into Halls and started my course , I was worried about who I would be living and being on my course with during first year, whether they would like me and get on, hoping that I would feel at home at Edge Hill and in the flat. But I remember collecting my keys and having my photo taken for my student ID and talking to some girls in the queue. They felt nervous and excited, just like I did and it was then I realized that everyone, no matter how old they were, where they were from or what course they did, was in the exact same boat I was. It is so important to treat others how you’d like to be treated in life, and this definitely goes for at uni, so times when others feel homesick,stressed or worried about something, just think about how you’d like someone to treat you and let them know you care and are there for them!

If you forget something when packing, it can always be sent in the post or collected next time you visit home!

I know this one seems very obvious, but it was something I didn’t really think about when i was packing last year! I brought basically everything I could think of, and of course it’s important to have the things you need, but it’s also important not to over pack, especially if your flat is like mine and has lots and lots of stairs haha! It’s important to bring the things you need, then extra things like decoration for your room and food, when you get to uni and keep extra room in the car for bulky things like your duvet and clothes airer!

There is always someone there for you!

I remember when i first moved into Halls last year with my parents, they helped me move all my things and gets settled in. When I was all settled in, it was then time for them to leave me and go back home. I waved them off in the car, and as I watched them drive away I was hit with the sudden realization that this was it, I was at university! I suddenly left quite lonely and like I didn’t know what to do next, I got lost on my way back to the flat and I could feel myself panicking a bit. But when I made my way back, i was greeted by a few of my flatmates who had moved in and immediately started talking with them and was offered a cup of tea! I knew then that everything would be ok and that someone will always be there for me. I rang my parents that night and my best mates and my boyfriend and I knew that everything would be alright and I would enjoy my first year at Edge Hill.

I hope you enjoyed the blog and bets of luck with moving into your accommodation and starting uni!

Alice 🙂

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