Three things you’ll hear about University that just won’t be true – The rumours about Edge Hill

You’ll hear a lot of things about University, your parents and your friends will probably tell you what they think University will be like, never actually going themselves. I’ve heard so many of these assumptions and after spending two years at University there are some that are true and some that are so far off you would think they have come from a different planet. So here are my top three lies you will be told about University.

Everyone drinks and parties all the time

Infact, no, not everyone drinks. There are loads who just don’t. The only reason that people say that University is one big party is because there are some good parties there. But honestly, there are as many people who need to be up the next morning alongside the people who are listening to some music in the kitchen and having a few drinks. So don’t go into it believing this lie.

You can skip classes whenever you want

This one really isn’t true. Not only can you not skip classes because you wont pass the course but the tutors and department heads do actually check your attendance. Remember you are paying a lot to take your course so make the most of it and dont treat your classes like they are free.

You’ll be skint all the time

If you spend all your money on a Monday, and spend £200 on a night out then no matter who you are you will be skint all the time! Managing your money is hard and you will need some practice to get the hang of it. If you live within your means you wont be broke and you can actually have a pretty alright life style.

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