University Skills for real world jobs

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University teaches you alot of things, every year you spend you will figure out some of the adult stuff that you might be worried about. That’s great, and even better is the fact that most of these skills and things that start to make sense to you are almost directly transferable to any job that you might get in the real world. Today I want to talk about three things that I have learned that is helping me in my current career.

1. Organization

I am terrible at keeping organized. Chaos is more my style. However with upwards of 5 projects for University work going at any one time its important that I am organized and efficient in my work. For this reason I became more organized and working in the real world this has helped me out no end. There is a direct correlation between being organized and being efficient and working better means getting paid better.

2. Work Ethic

Working can be fun, but it can also be hard. University taught me that working hard pays off in the end and that work ethic is the best way to get anywhere in life. This skill works in all aspects of life and the reminder of the reward from university for my hard work pushes me forward when dealing with seemingly impossible tasks in my own job.

3. Professionalism

The last skill that I have transferred from my University life to real life is professionalism. Working in teams at University and dealing with new people, interviews and presentations has taught me how to become professional and always keep a level head. Getting worked up over something out of my control is a bad idea and im glad to have this skill.

That’s all for this blog, but there will be another in a few days with more interesting facts from Edge Hill University.

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