Q&A with a Psychology Student

Hi everyone,

I really enjoyed doing my last Q&A, so I have roped in one of my friends to answer questions about doing psychology at Edge Hill.

Q: What’s been the best part of your degree?

A: Having the opportunity to do a placement and having a module to specifically reflect on my placements.

Q: Why did you choose Edge Hill?

A: One of the only universities out of a hand full that offers educational psychology. The campus has amazing facilities and it wasn’t too far from where I live.

Q: How would you summarise your experience at Edge Hill?

Exciting, there is always new opportunities to build skills and meet new people and it’s very stimulating.

Q: Favourite module or anything you found particularly interesting?

My dissertation, because I got to explore and research something I found interesting because I got to educate myself on just one area of psychology and society that I found interesting I did a dragons den module in which we created a product based on psychological theory which aimed to prevent social anxiety in children. In which we got to present and market our ideas to lecturers and other industry experts.

Q: How have you found living in Ormskirk?

I’ve found that compared to first year where I lived I halls it’s allowed me to have more of a university and social life balance which I like because I like that I can separate the two. I also really like the housing on offer and Ormskirk is a really safe community so you always feel secure.

Q: Any advice for future students?

Make the most of your experience and get involved with as much as you can because the time will go much quicker than you anticipate and even when you get to second year and you haven’t got involved as much as you would have liked it still isn’t too late.

Hope you found this helpful!

Ellie 🙂

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