My favourite things about Ormskirk

Being home for a while now has really started to make me miss parts of Ormskirk that are different to being at home. Coming from a small island there are a lot of things that are more accessible in the UK compared to here. So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite parts of Ormskirk.

Firstly there is a number of really cute cafe’s dotted around Ormskirk. Sometimes its nice to be able to go out with your friends for a little treat and there are definitely some nice places to go. Two of my favourites are Cobble Coffee and Dinky Dory, Cobble offers a range of foods particularly at breakfast and lunch time that are freshly made and then Dinky Dory does a range of food particularly pancakes and waffles but they also offer a range of cocktails which are nice in the evenings.

Something else I love about Ormskirk is how accessible the city is, I love being in a small town but sometimes it is nice to go into Liverpool for a bit of shopping. There is a train that runs every 15-20 mins and takes about 35 minutes to get there. The train takes you right to the centre of Liverpool which is really handy as its near to all the shops you may need. I also love going into Liverpool when my family comes to visit as there are lots of nice places to eat.

And finally I love how close everything is, personally I really enjoy walking and so the fact that everything is close means I get to walk a lot. I used to walk from campus into town on a Saturday to do my shopping and I would often go into town in the week to walk around and sometimes walk around the park. There is also an absolutely beautiful walk that goes around the back of the sports fields which I would definitely recommend. So everything around Ormskirk is accessible.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and I also hope you will enjoy Ormskirk and Edge Hill as much as I have so far.


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