Keeping yourself busy during summer and keeping productive!

Hi guys, I hope everyone is well and have had a good week. For today’s blog, I’m going to be talking about different ways to keep yourself busy and productive during the summer It can be hard for a student at this time, after finishing a year of university, of ways to keep yourself busy. I am the type of person who struggles when I don’t have things to do and feel restless when I am bored.

  • Get a part time job! I have a few part time jobs, including working in a guest house and the Buxton festival fringe. If you enjoy where you work, it can be a good use of your time and obviously brilliant as you earn money to spend on some of the other things on my list!
  • Go on a trip! It can be brilliant to go away and treat yourself. I have been away for the weekend to Newcastle with family and went to Berlin with my boyfriend and friends for a week. It felt so nice after the first year and working hard, to just relax! Spending time with the people you love is always a good way to spend your time! Even if it’s not going away, if it’s at home, or on a walk or in a restaurant, it’s always nice.
  • Exercise! I still have my gym membership from Buxton which i was very happy about. So while I’ve been home I’ve been enjoying doing that, as well as going on runs around Buxton. ( Not going on many and not for long but it’s better than nothing!)
  • Catching up with friends from home is always lovely, talking about how their first year uni experience was or having a gap year and what they’ve been up to. Its so nice to get to seeing friends again and feeling like no time has gone at all, I met up with some of my textiles friends from college the other week! They’ve all been up to different things but being with them, it really did feel like no time had gone at all.

I hope today’s blog has been helpful for you and given you an insight into the summer of a university student living at home before the next year. Have a good week, as always comment if you have any questions,

Alice 🙂

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