Hi everyone!!

I thought today I could write about 10 essentials I think everyone needs for university life!

  1.  An extension lead! – Lots of university rooms only have one or two plug sockets so these are a must for all your electricals.
  2. Door stop – This might sound strange but keeping your door open during freshers week allows others to feel more invited to talk to you and helps make friends if you have an open door policy.
  3.  A UNiDAYS/NUS card – Essential for any student looking for some amazing discounts!
  4. Blutac/Photos – To make your uni room feel like home it’s always a good idea to decorate your room and make it feel more homely.
  5. Kitchen utensils – However, don’t buy a large pack of plates and bowls as you only need one or two of everything. Otherwise you may end up packing more than you need.
  6. Games Console – If you own some kind of games console then this could be perfect for using in your flat as they can be so much fun and also can be a great ice breaker!
  7. Cleaning Products – Things like air freshener and toilet cleaner are essential!
  8. Stationary – To make all your notes pretty and organised!
  9. Mattress protector – Provides extra comfort and who wouldn’t want that! Don’t forget a duvet cover and blankets as well!
  10. Don’t forget extras such as – Laptops, earphones, a variety of clothes for all occasions as you never know what the social theme might be!

See you next time

Ellie 🙂


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