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Student finance is normally something daunting to us. But, this loan does help students from all over to go to university and get a degree to further their career.

This is something to think about whether you’re in a financially stable family or not, as it could make a difference to your university experience. You will have to complete an online application for student finance, and this will determine how much you get for the year you will be at university.

Firstly, you will need a few bits of information, including the university and degree course you are applying for as this will also be a factor in how much money you will get, in addition to proof of ID (if needed) and possibly household income (if needed), however, your parents/guardian(s) will be asked to confirm this.

You will be asked to apply to 2 sections. The first section is the annual tuition fees which is currently £9,250 a year. In order to do a full time course of 3 years, this is the amount you will need and you can apply for this through the student finance website on GOV. The second section will ask for more personal information, such as full name, address, date of birth, the university you’re applying to and parent/guardian(s) names and emails. Within this section of the student finance website, it will ask about a lower and a higher maintenance loan. From my experience, I would recommend applying for both of them, as this will allow you the highest chance to gain the maximum maintenance loan.  This process is fairly easy in the way the online form asks you questions.

After you’ve completed both the tuition fees and maintenance loan sections, an email will be sent to your parent or guardian.  They will get a notification from student finance and will have to fill out an online form as well. This will need to be completed ASAP before you start university, so that your money will come in after you have completed enrolment (usually 3-5 working days after).

Maintenance loan situations may differ between individuals. For example, if you have a health condition or disability, you will be able to apply for another allowance however, you will have to give evidence. Also, if you’re an EU student, you will have to put this into the application and possibly get a bit more support.

I hope this has helped. The process overall is very easy to understand and if you need some more information on student finance see the links below:

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