I’d like to think that I am an organised person and I love being organised and prepared because it often makes me excited about things coming up. Being at uni you may have to think ahead a bit more compared to living at home, for example if you have an evening event or society meeting you need to think about when you’re going to have your dinner, and for me it was if I had dancing of an evening I needed to make sure I had something substantial before I went so that I had enough energy.

To be prepared and think ahead it’s always good to make lists or to do lists, I do this even when I’m not at uni because otherwise I would forget what I needed to do. I always make a shopping list when I do my food shop, often I will plan what I’m going to eat each day and make sure I am getting the right things when I go and do my food shop. Therefore if I do have dancing one evening I know what I’m having and have it prepped for when I can have it.

Another thing that has helped me think ahead is having a calendar. I sometimes had weeks a uni when I had multiple meetings and different seminars, or friends visiting that I needed to make sure I was prepared for when they came. And even more importantly I needed to make sure I had my assignments done before friends visited because I knew work wouldn’t get done whilst they were down. Planning ahead also gives you something to look forward to, for example if you are going to see a friend or maybe your parents are coming up for the weekend, its nice to have those things to look forward to especially if you are struggling with home sickness or just having a rough time. It was always just nice for me to know when my mum was coming to visit as I always had some exciting things to do whilst she was there.

Hope this gives you some inspiration to get organised and ready for uni because it will come round quickly, which is very exciting.

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