Returning home for summer and leaving accommodation.

Hi everyone! Hope you’re well and that stresses of exams and deadlines have come or are now coming to an end!

It has been over a month since I have fully finished my course, and I think, now having fully moved out of halls, I have come to terms that first year has finished, and I often feel myself reflecting on my first year. I returned home to Buxton on Friday, so have been home for nearly a week now.  I did the moving out of halls process in two parts, moving out the majority of my belongings with my parents in a mini bus, while I stayed at uni another week and took the rest of my belongs home on the train! Important things to do before moving out of halls is:

  • Emptying and cleaning out all personal belongings. We were left in the kitchen with donation bags, for anything such as unwanted pots, pans, folders, clothes etc- anything that you do not want anymore!
  • Cleaning! For me, this was the hardest part of moving out, but it is important that everything is fully cleaned in your room, food cupboards, bathroom etc! So everywhere is dusted, bathroom is fully cleaned and everywhere is left in the state it was when you first moved in.
  • Everything is cleaned and emptied out of fridges and freezers! There were a few flatmates of mine left when I left the flat so I told them they could use my leftover milk, just t make sure everything is used up and not wasted.
  • Keys are handed in at the security hut, Edge Hill sport bands are handed back in at the sports reception and the Durning centre is checked for any packages and post.

It was quite sad and emotional for me when I moved out of my accommodation, of somewhere I have considered as home for 8/9 months. But I have loved my time living on campus and looking back on all the memories that were made in that flat- I’m not going to miss all the stairs though!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog, please comment if you have any questions,

Alice 🙂

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