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If you’re planning on coming to Edge Hill, there is so much more than just your course you can do, such as: going on the trips the university has planned, going to Liverpool for a day out and more importantly, societies that Edge Hill offers. You can join different societies that are related to your personal interests. At Edge Hill, there is around 60 societies that you can choose from ranging from Cheerleading to Anime.

When you first come to the University during Freshers week, all of the societies will be in the Hub, trying to recruit new students to get involved. If you already have a couple of societies in mind, that’s great! If you don’t, that’s not a problem. You can just wander about the place looking at the societies that you think may interest you and I’m sure that at least one will peak your interest.

If you do manage to sign up to one or even a few societies, some of them may hold open auditions such as Cheerleading tryouts. Others will just give you an email to say when their first session is and to see whether you would want to come along. If you don’t hear anything, try to contact them if you can, just enter in Edge Hill societies on the internet, and contact details should come up for each society.

Within my first few weeks of freshers, I signed up to around 5 societies, but haven’t managed to do any as I didn’t get any emails and I regret not contacting them however, I’ve still had a great first year. So, in my second year, I’ve decided that i’m going to join Trampolining as I did do it for the first few weeks at University and want to go back and rejoin.

If you would like to know more about the societies that run at Edge Hill, just click on this link down below and it will direct you to the page with a list of the societies that Edge Hill offers.

Clubs and Societies

If you need anymore help or want advice, don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below..

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